THE POWER OF A GOOD REPUATION: Millennials Are Heavily Influence By Hip-Hop Artists


In 2012, KimaniAmor started releasing music, performing, and selling merchandise with her manager, Si’mone Hines. KimaniAmor was 22 years old when she began her recording arts career, and she was using her social media platforms minimally since 2005. KimaniAmor is now aware that her online reputation can aide in her influence as an artist on a dominant platform like social media.

KimaniAmor is originally from the Village of Ettrick, Virginia but she recently moved from her small town to one of the top Metropolitan cities in the United States, Los Angeles, California. KimaniAmor is currently working on a trans media project that will extend one perspective of being an African-American millennial across various platforms including print, film, and music in October 2016. KimaniAmor is determined to reconnect with her audience prior to the release because she hasn’t produce any content relevant to her brand since 2013.

KimaniAmor wants to launch a social media campaign on March 1, 2016. She is confident that it will increase brand awareness and rebuild a network of core fans. KimaniAmor wants to wrap up the campaign with a three-day invite only event to improve consumer engagement. KimaniAmor will use her personal brand website and social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Soundcloud. KimaniAmor anticipates growth in her brand authority. KimaniAmor will use specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and timely goals to determine the outcome of her social media campaign.

The Full Thesis is available below.

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