The girl at the party in her own world.

I got to release Shima Elle Green and I am so thankful. This Ep was a chance to come to terms with inner frustration, grief, desire, passion, and realizations that stemmed from fighting. Some of the most chaotic moments in my life had me believing that being myself causes fights. It has taken Martial Art lessons, Clearing Energy Blockages, and being slow to speak to channel my fight and win at KimaniAmor


Our Story

This mixtape taught me that I really cared about other people's opinion. It made me 

so susceptible to their misunderstandings with me. I played into all of my Villans

and eventually I met my inner hero. 

I spent the last few years toe to toe with my obsession to record, create, and develop KimaniAmor, American songwriter and performance artist. I have learn that there are only 8 internal conflicts and it so revitalizing to settle with each one. I've talked over core values with those I love and I feel prepared to continue my journey in entertainment.

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